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About us:
        KAKASOCCER is a leading export company which is specializing in the production of various standards of soccer jersey, football shirt,soccer uniforms, NBA jersey,customized sportswear, tracksuit and so on. We have established long-term cooperation relationships with several large jersey factories. Therefore, KAKASOCCER With abundance of choices and convenience of shipping.Also we are alway provides the highest standard of excellent services for the clients, which include high products qualification rate, global free shipping, fast product delivery, mail service and 24 hours online customer service.,  
Our customers are from all over the world, such as USA, Europe, Australia,the Middle East,Latin America,Southeast Asia, etc. If you are going to buy our products, you will find that you can get the best service.   

                                                   Customer Service Email Address: 

                                 (2) WhatApp:+86 15800046787
                                 (2) WhatApp:+86 15220479018

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